Meet the Team

Caring, capable and committed sum up our team well. This dynamic group help the streamlining and synthesis of the company. If you have any questions or you just want to come in for a coffee and a chat, our friendly staff members are there to satisfy your every need. Our entire team is professional and competent, making them able to tackle any task with assured alacrity and dexterous expertise.

Pieter and Lauren Badenhorst | Owners

Proud owners of the Photo Hire and Sales enterprise. Collectively, we have over 15 years of industry experience. We Opened shop in 2004, and have expanded our highly successful rental business into sales as well. Pieter’s technical mastery is due to long industry experience. His research and interaction with clients keeps him abreast of any advancements in the digital photography and video industry; he always has his finger on the pulse. A photographer himself, if you need any advice on products and gear past, present and future, Pieter will enthusiastically offer it. Lauren is at the helm of this tightly run ship, and leads with unparalleled professionalism. Her outstanding administration and cognition of the company makes her infallible when it comes to the conduct and control of such a well-oiled machine.

Calvin Morrison | Manager

Head of our Rental department, Calvin is the guy you want to speak to. He is at the heart of Photo Hire’s engine. He knows exactly how to run operations, and is able to direct and oversee staff members with unmatched dexterity. If there are any issues to be dealt with, Calvin will see to them with his reputable diligence and professionalism. His long-standing commitment to the business has given him wisdom and savvy when it comes to both the industry and the company, so you know you are always in good hands.

Lindiwe Horonga | Rentals Coordinator

Lindi’s friendly voice may greet you when you call into Photo Hire. She is at the front-line of client liaison, but is also the back-bone of the day-to-day running of things. Lindi will ensure that all your rental needs are taken care of, and that we get the gear to you exactly when you need it, how you need it.

Denzil Cooper | Digital Department

Denzil is our Digital pro. If you are looking for assistance on how to operate technically involved equipment, Denzil is your guy. He knows how to put the best rigs together for you, to ensure you get the best out of our equipment and your production. He also makes sure all digital gear, such as monitors, are all functioning at their optimum level.

Eric Ndabeni | Equipment Maintenance

Eric is the authority on equipment maintenance and ensures that it is all in working order. No one knows the gear like he does; Eric will make sure your kit will be operating as smoothly as your production requires.

Chris Henery| Gear check assistant

Chris is our newest staff member. He makes sure all the equipment you require is accounted for and in prime condition. Methodical in his manner, we know he will always have your equipment ready and waiting.

Zukile Nyume | Driver

Getting things from A to B is no problem when Zukile is behind the wheel. Whether it is dropping off equipment or picking up supplies, he gets the task done swiftly and safely.

Irene Musonza | Cleaning Staff

Irene makes sure all studio and office space is sparkling clean. Helpful and gracious, she ensures everything is in tip-top condition, and is always ready to offer a friendly smile.

Roxanne Marneweck | Media Manager

Roxanne is our online media specialist. From social platforms to electronic interface, she makes sure you stay well informed about our business and equipment, as well as keep you socially connected with what we are up to.

Sameer Davids | Repairs

Sameer is head of repairs. His knowledge of technical equipment comes from his background in mechanical engineering. Having done several courses, he specialises in broncolor repairs but is not limited to it.

About Photo Hire

Photo Hire & Sales is a leading equipment rental and sales house in South Africa. Since our inception in 2004, we have continued to provide the best and most advanced gear for the photographic, video, broadcast and film industries. We supply the most current equipment and accessories to suite the style and scale of any production. From heavyweight brands to unique accessories, lenses, lighting and so much more- Photo Hire has it all- we’ll rig you up with all the trimmings.

Who we work with

We work with professional photographers, filmmakers, production houses, studios, broadcast facilities, learning institutes and more, delivering unequalled service and product selection on any scale. Our gear has been seen on the set of indie videos as well as major international blockbusters and television series. Photo Hire is also a favourite choice for many top local and international photographers, production houses and agencies. Our dynamic team work like a family, with all members committed to fantastic service and client care. This impeccable work ethic and professional, friendly approach has garnered us a flawless reputation as one of the most advanced support houses around. Our vast, progressive expertise and experience has put us ahead of the rest.

Some of our brands

We are a wholly South African owned company so you get a more personalised service. In fact, we take pride in distinguished good service delivery. We boast an impressive collection of cameras, lenses, lighting gear. We rent ALL major brands including RED, CANON, NIKON, LEICA, ZEISS, HASSELBLAD, REDROCK MICRO, GLIDETRACK, SMALL HD, ZYLIGHT, ARRI, PROFOTO, BRONCOLOR, BRIESE, SCRIMJIM, SUNBOUNCE, KINO FLO, EIZO, and so much more. We are the largest renter of Canon and Nikon products in South Africa! Photo Hire is proudly South African Authorised Dealers for RED DIGITAL CINEMA, KINO FLO, BRONCOLOR, CANON, SMALL HD, EIZO, SAMYANG, SCHNEIDER, ZYLIGHT, LCDVF, SAVAGE, FLANDERS SCIENTIFIC, SUNBOUNCE, TETHER TOOLS, PHASE ONE, LEICA, OCONNOR, SACHTLER, DJI, and more.

We’ve got you covered

Our premises is centrally located with ample parking and a drive-in courtyard for deliveries and collections. Our on-site equipment rental division is situated directly below our three awesome studios, Cine Lab with professional gear check bays and 4K playback facility. From the moment you enter our building you are taken care of so you can put your mind at ease. Our adaptability and expertise affords us the ability to give you exactly what you need.

Photo Hire is helping to take digital artistry to the next level. Lots of space and the best service, Photo Hire remains the most advanced digital support house in Cape Town.

Our Studios

Our comfortable, large premises offer clients a choice of three superior studios able to accommodate your every requirement. Two are daylight but can also be blacked out. Both studios have cyc curves. The third proudly houses an impressive professional Green Screen. Each studio is equipped with its own kitchen facility, high-speed Wi-Fi and a spacious, comfortable sitting area for clients to hold meetings or otherwise relax in.
Should you require the space to be fashioned to suit your specific needs, we have the means to do so. We will build it, paint it and set it to your specifications.

Digital Everything!

From scanning and retouching to high-quality printing, our digital department does it all. Our technical support is not just building bound; to ensure your shoot continues to run smoothly and without worry, we have it entirely covered on set too. We offer a full digital backup service.

Props for any star

A world-class actress steps out of her stretch limo in a slinky number and all around her the paparazzi are going crazy. There are flashes every which way she turns, thanks to the handy work of our props division. If you need multiple flashes or the likes, Photo Hire is here to help. We are the largest renter of photographic props to the stills and film industry.